Moorlinse, Berlin Buch

"Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act." (Rebecca Solnit)

contact: is a participatory radio art project concerning the ecological crisis, its effects on our environment and ways of life and on the possibilities for action. The project aims to establish a network of collaboration between individuals and organisations interested and engaged in these subjects, with all their respective practices from art and science to activism.

Among other practices, it encourages critical listening to live soundscapes from 1st to 3rd natures. In this context, natures refer to sites of various degrees of land usage and devastation, from wild nature to urban, industrial and agricultural zones. 3rd natures are considered as cultural configurations, open and speculative and interwoven with the idea (and problems) of the Anthropocene.

If you want to contribute, or join our Telegram listening group, please send an email or subscribe our mailing list. Listen to some logs of recent live listening sessions or browse the fieldradio archive. Some listening sessions will be mirrored also on YouTube, subscribe if you want to get notified.